Licht in zicht!

Licht in zicht!

About the end of the Relativity theory

After a hundred years ruling of Einstein’s theories on relativity, this book comes to take stock and dispute the validity of these theories that are so genuinely established in physics as well as more generally in science and even in more general perspectives. With a rather aggressive starting point that the theories have never been able to explain or proof the assumptions. It reveals exciting perspectives for those familiar with the topic, but as well for non-physicians with a general interest in science and nature. This book is offering quite mind-boggling thoughts and perspectives through which many topics come to color slightly or completely differently, like space-time, the light speed postulate, cosmic background radiation, CERN-experiments, the big bang…


Paperback, 376 seiten
Titel: Licht in zicht!
Preis: € 18,95 pro stück, lager

Herausgeber: LandFall Publishing Board
ISBN: 9788090362185


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